Daal-Dhokli with Fried Dumplings

Here is a variant of Daal-Dhokli that takes it beyond everyday food.

By the traditional method, the fried dumplings are filled with long bean stuffing. I have tried mashed pea stuffing and that works wonderfully too (I personally prefer it). So I am going to share both the recipes.

The dough used for the dumpling is the same as Dhokli dough. If you plan to add dumplings, then knead the dough a bit soft by adding just a bit more water and knead it a little longer.

Ingredients for the stuffing;

125 grams of long beans finely chopped OR 1 cup frozen green peas

1 tbsp oil

½ tsp green chilli paste (Cut green chillies in small pieces, add a few drops of lemon and grind into a fine paste.)

1 tsp of sugar

A dash of lime

Salt to taste

For mashed pea stuffing, grind green peas into a rough paste before you start

  1. Heat oil in a sauce pan
  2. Add chopped long beans / green pea paste to the oil.
  3. Add some salt. Mix. Cover with a lid and let it cook for sometime. Keep checking and stirring else the stuffing will burn.
  4. Add green chilli paste, sugar and some lemon juice. Stir. Cover with lid again and let it cook.
  5. Check the taste once the stuffing is cooked. Adjust lemon/ sugar/ salt to suit your taste.
  6. Let the stuffing cool.

Take even sized balls of the dough of about 3-4 cm diameter. Roll each one out in a circular shape on a platform with a rolling pin, use some wheat flour else the dough will stick to the platform.  Make sure the dough is thin and evenly flattened.

Pinch the outer line of the dough. Leave even gap between the pinches. Add a spoonful of stuffing on the flattened dough. Bring all the ends of the pinches together and seal. Take the tip off and gently flatten the top.

Heat some oil in a pan (enough to drawn the dumplings) and  deep fry the dumplings on a low flame till golden brown.

Make Daal- Dhokli first. You can add a few cashews and raisins while the daal is cooking.

Add these dumplings to the Daal at the end  after Dhokli is added and cooked.

Serve hot.

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