Measure it up !

It has happened several times that my mom or MIL cooked a mouthwatering dish while I struggled to recreate that magic even when I knew what went in it.

Yes, it comes with practice, experience, skill, expertise…… now, there is more to it.

They get the proportions right.

Well, they don’t have scientific/ standardised measuring equipments and weighing scales to their aid. But they do have their own personalized tools of measurement like eating bowls, spoons or the good old fistful.

Until recently, my food preparations were based on guesstimates. Till I figured out that cooking by approximate calculation of quantity has a hitch – you may or may not be able to recreate the dish the same way.

Besides measuring ingredients in grams, liters and even numbers, there are three important units of measurement in cooking (There are many more. Enough to write a thesis. But these are the ones I follow. Anything more than this confuses me)

–       Tea spoon (tsp.)

–       Table spoon (tbsp.) and

–       Cup



A Tea spoon is a smallest unit of measurement. Herbs, spices and condiments are mostly measured by a tea spoon. However, certain condiments can be prescribed by a table spoon.

A Table spoon is bigger than a teaspoon. Roughly 1 Table spoon = 3 Tea spoon. Mostly, pastes and purees, medium of cooking like Oil and butter are measured by a table spoon. Again, some of these can be measured by a tea spoon based on the required quantity in the recipe.

Cup is the largest unit of measurement generally used to measure the core ingredient of the dish like flour, water, milk, vegetables, egg whites / yolks, stock.

Some of the other commonly used expressions are – A pinch, a dash and a drop.

A pinch is an approximate measure which means a ‘pinch full of an ingredient’ or – ‘to taste’.

Drop – we all understand.

A dash is approximately 3-4 drops.

Measuring spoons, cups and a simple weighing scale are ‘must haves’ in your kitchen. They are crucial for baking.

If you do not have measuring spoons easily available, here is a simple conversion table for your use;

Tea spoon Table spoon Cup Grams
1 5
3 1 15
48 16 1 240

The stores and the World Wide Web are flooded with a variety of cooking tools, enough to baffle you. Start with the basic ones and go on adding new ones to your wares as and when you need them…


Why this blog ?

I love reading about food that is visually appealing. I love watching people cook and share their experiences without holding anything back. I love travelling and trying local food. Street food is my weakness and I find cooking healing and relaxing.

Food has always been my weakness, just didn’t realise it till a few years back.

Like a typical teenager, I had a very low (read as ‘NO’) interest in cooking / anything to do with the kitchen till my college days. I was happy feasting on delicious food that came my way.

Around the time I met Kartik, my liking for food and cooking came to the fore (food is his weakness too). There began my journey starting from a simple coffee and omelette progressing gradually to every day food and veg/ non-veg delicacies.

I am surrounded by people with great culinary skills – my Mom, Mom-In-law, Father-in-law (yes, my FIL takes great pride in cooking and critically assessing food), aunts, neighbours, friends, their moms/ wives / girlfriends and even my bosses and colleagues.

So, the idea behind this blog is simple.

I wish to share recipes I find ‘yummy’.

I wish to share the intricacies of the dishes that I have cooked and managed to get “How the hell did u make this?” or “I haven’t had anything like this before” from people who have tasted these dishes.

I wish to show that certain unpronounceable (if there is such a word) dishes are not as difficult as they sound.

And finally, I wish to make cooking easier and simpler and provide all the information, I had a tough time finding.

Needless to say, all the recipes that I will post on this blog, will be tried a couple of times in my kitchen first and only the successful ones will make an appearance here.

I hope you like it.

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